Sree Balaji Journal of Medical Sciences

The Sree Balaji Journal of Medical Sciences is an academic publication associated with the Sree Balaji Medical College and Hospital, a prestigious institution in Chennai, India. This journal is dedicated to the dissemination of advanced knowledge and research findings in the field of medical sciences. It aims to provide a platform for researchers, practitioners, and academicians to share their innovative research, clinical studies, and case reports.

Sree Balaji Journal of Medical Sciences (SBJMS), is an open access peer reviewed online quarterly journal(January, Apirl, July, October). We welcome wide range of articles from various disciplines of Medical, Dental and Allied Health Sciences.

Key Features

  1. Scope and Coverage: The journal covers a wide range of topics within medical sciences, including but not limited to general medicine, surgery, pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, orthopedics, and various subspecialties. It emphasizes interdisciplinary research and encourages submissions that bridge the gap between basic science and clinical practice.
  2. Peer-Reviewed Articles: The Sree Balaji Journal of Medical Sciences adheres to a rigorous peer-review process to ensure the publication of high-quality and impactful research. Each submission is reviewed by experts in the relevant field to validate its scientific merit, originality, and relevance.
  3. Open Access: Committed to the principle of open access, the journal provides free, unrestricted online access to its articles. This facilitates wider dissemination of knowledge and ensures that research findings are accessible to the global scientific community and the public.
  4. Frequency of Publication: The journal is published quarterly, allowing for a regular flow of current research and developments in the medical sciences. This periodicity helps in keeping the readers up-to-date with the latest advancements and trends in the field.
  5. Types of Publications: The journal publishes various types of articles, including original research papers, review articles, case reports, short communications, and letters to the editor. This variety accommodates different types of scholarly contributions and ensures a comprehensive coverage of the medical sciences.


  • Promoting Research: One of the primary objectives of the Sree Balaji Journal of Medical Sciences is to encourage and promote high-quality research in the medical field. By providing a reputable platform, it motivates researchers to pursue innovative studies.
  • Enhancing Clinical Practice: The journal aims to bridge the gap between research and clinical practice. By publishing clinically relevant studies and findings, it helps healthcare professionals stay informed about the latest evidence-based practices.
  • Fostering Academic Collaboration: The journal serves as a conduit for academic collaboration and exchange of ideas among researchers, academicians, and practitioners from around the world.

Submission Guidelines

To maintain high standards of publication, the journal has detailed submission guidelines. Authors are required to follow specific formatting and ethical standards, ensuring that the research is conducted and reported with integrity. The guidelines include instructions on manuscript preparation, submission procedures, and ethical considerations.

Editorial Board

The journal boasts an esteemed editorial board comprising experienced and renowned professionals from various fields of medical science. The board members are responsible for maintaining the quality and integrity of the journal by overseeing the peer-review process and guiding the journal’s editorial policies.

Scope of the journal

The journal publishes Original research articles, Clinical case reports, Pilot Studies, Brief Communications, Newer Inventions, Photo Editor, Letters to Editors in any area related to advancement of knowledge in Medical Sciences. The journal is also interested in publishing Review articles, Systematic reviews and Meta-analysis especially from those who have done research in the same field for last few years.

Editor in Chief:

Dr. Somasekar. R, MBBS, MD, DCH, FIAPe


Department of Pediatrics

Sree Balaji Medical College & Hospital, Chennai


The Sree Balaji Journal of Medical Sciences is a vital resource for anyone involved in the medical field, from researchers and practitioners to educators and policymakers. By providing a high-quality platform for the dissemination of research and knowledge, it contributes significantly to the advancement of medical sciences and the improvement of healthcare outcomes globally.